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Harris County Clerk's Office Elections Department provides comprehensive instruction and documentation prior to every election. In our Vote Centers, Election Workers serve as the face of the Department, providing best-in-class customer service. We are committed to supporting our Election workers with the training and resources they need to successfully serve Harris County voters.

In-Person Training

Election Workers are required to take a full training class each year. If you have already taken a full class then you will have the option to take supplemental training. Workers will only get paid for taking their required full training class.

Training Schedule

Getting Hired

Join an elite group of Election Workers who help spread democracy across Harris County. Election Workers are trained to provide ballots to voters and ensure the integrity of in person voting in Harris County. You can help support and ensure fair and safe elections by serving as a Election Worker at a voting location near you.

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Additional Resources

Training Manual


Whether you are new to elections or have worked them for years, it is important to review training resources. No two elections are the same and keeping up with changes and new information is vital to your success. The manual is an election worker's best tool before and on Election Day.

Technical Videos


How to Suspend the Polls

How to Suspend the Polls

Setting up the Controller

Setting up the Controller

Setting up the Scan

Setting up the Scan

Setting up Duo Voting Machine Booth

Setting up Duo Voting Machine Booth

Setting Up the Duo Voting Machines

Setting Up the Duo Voting Machines
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