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Become a Harris County Vote Center

Harris County is actively recruiting public and private facilities to serve as Vote Centers for upcoming elections.
If you own, manage or know of a property that is perfect for voting then we want to connect with you!

Time Commitment

-- Early Voting Centers must be available up to 14 consecutive days (includes set up, the early voting period, and breakdown).
-- Must be available from 6 AM to 9 PM (possibly later on Election Day to allow voters to complete the voting process).
-- Facilities may select to be an Election Day (ED) only vote center. ED facilities will need to be available for 3-4 consecutive days.

    Room Requirements

    The minimum space requirement to act as a Vote Center is 800 square feet (sq-ft). This space can be a foyer, gym, classroom, office, etc.
    Other requirements for the preferred voting room includes:
    -- Climate controlled.
    -- Two (2) electrical outlets inside of the room.
    -- Parking structure or surface.
    -- A designated and secure area for storing voting equipment.
    -- Use of 4-5 tables and 6-8 chairs.


      -- Accessible and compliant walking path to the voting room from parking, public sidewalk and public transportation (if available).
      -- Accessible parking conforming to ADA standards, or space to create accessible parking using cones, signage, etc.

        Site Assessments

        All potential Vote Centers will go through a complete site assessment to ensure the building or property meets all accessibility, data, and power requirements needed to operate the Vote Center and provide a positive voting experience.

        Contact Us

        Get started by completing the online form and contacting us directly via email to [email protected]

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