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To ensure that all election workers are knowledgeable on election law and procedures and feel confident in conducting an election, Harris County provides comprehensive instruction and documentation prior to every election. In addition to the required training classes, Harris County has also developed a variety of supplemental training videos that can be viewed at any time.

Election Training

Training Classes

Thank you for participating as a Harris County election worker. Election workers who have taken a full class this year will only need to take the supplemental training. Election workers who have not taken a full class this year will only need to take the full training course. Early Voting workers should take Early Voting training only and Election Day workers should take Election Day training only. If working both events, only one class is needed. Workers will only get paid for taking the class they are required to take, and only for one class.

Schedule your training(s)

Workers must be signed up with A1 Personnel in order to receive compensation. Payment will typically be made with compensation for working at the end of Early Voting and 4-5 weeks after Election Day.

Compensation is paid at the worker’s hourly rate. $20 for Presiding Judges and $17 for Alternate Judges and clerks.
Training Schedule

Handouts & Manuals

Election workers are provided with handouts of the training slides as well as manuals for every class.

Elections Reference Manual

Reference Manual - ADA Training Manual

Because these documents are large, you can download them here. They will not be emailed.

Training Through Zoom

To help ensure the health and safety of Harris County election workers, all Early Voting and Election Day classes are delivered through the website ZOOM.US as webinars. Taught by live instructors with real time question/answer sessions, classes offer a thorough coverage of procedures as well as an interactive experience to enhance learning, all from the safety of your home.

Online Training Videos

Visit the links below to view the training videos on procedures for setting up, taking down and utilizing the new Hart Invercivic voting equipment now in use for Harris County:

Additional Resources

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