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Election Workers


Election Workers are essential to ensuring that elections are a success. With each election, thousands of dedicated Harris County residents dedicate themselves to sustaining the backbone of democracy -- our election process. On average, Harris County opens approximately 750 polls each Election Day.

The Harris County Elections Administrator's Office encourages those interested in becoming election workers at the polls on Election Day to learn more about what is required and how to sign-up. 

Election Worker

In Texas, at a minimum, to be eligible for appointment as an election worker, a person must be a U.S citizen and a qualified voter of the territory of the election.

Requirements to become an Election Worker

An individual who is interested in working at a poll may sign up with the Harris Elections Administrator's Office.

Individuals are also encouraged to contact one of the major political parties for possible nomination to work as a presiding or alternate election judge. Nominations are made in June, so please contact the party as soon as possible.

In Texas, by law, the presiding election judges are empowered to hire their Election Day staff. Thus, an individual who is interested in working at a poll may also directly contact the presiding chair of their precinct to volunteer their services. To find out who the precinct chair is for your precinct please click HERE.

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Bilingual Election Workers

Individuals who speak and read Spanish, Vietnamese, or Chinese, in addition to English, are encouraged to apply to work on Election Day by choosing the "Apply Now" button and submitting the completed form. Bilingual Clerks are needed to support election judges in their efforts to comply with state and federal laws pertaining to language assistance at the poll.

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Election Training

All Early Voting and Election Day election workers are required to attend training. Comprised of two sections — election procedures and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) — classes include instructions on election equipment and procedures, as well as updates to federal and state election code.

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Prior to each election, Harris County provides comprehensive, role-specific training to all poll workers. Classes are offered both in-person and as webinars with live instructors through Zoom.

Training Requirements

Student Election Worker

High school students 16 years of age and older may serve as election clerks in Texas elections. High School Election Clerks must attend training, are paid for their service, and receive an excused absence from school.

    How do I become a Student Election Worker

    The purpose of Student Election Workers is two-fold:

    • to introduce students to the electoral process and inspire them with an interest in their government, and
    • to provide election authorities with an additional resource of persons who can serve at the polls.

    Students interested in serving as election clerks must:

    • Be 16 years of age or older on Election Day
    • Be enrolled in a public, private, or qualified home school
    • Be a U.S. Citizen
    • Have consent of their parent or legal guardian and their school principal (or parent/legal guardian for home-schooled students)
    • Attend training classes prior to Election Day

    Election Judges

    Presiding Judge appointees must complete the first section of the online form as soon as the Notice of Appointment is received from the Elections Administrator’s office.

    The remaining sections of the online form may be completed by the Presiding Judge when the judge chooses their clerks, including bilingual clerks (if applicable). All clerks are required to attend training.

    Please provide your clerk information as soon as possible.

    Accept or decline your appointment as Presiding Judge
    Accept or decline your appointment as Alternate Judge

    Election Day Supplies

    Drop-Off Locations and Maps
    For more information call (713) 755-6965

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