Election Day Supplies
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Election Day Supply Pickup

DATE: Wednesday, May 3 and Thursday, May 4


Election Night Items to Return

Presiding Judge returns following items. They are instructed to set these items aside as they close down their location.

A. Ballot Bag 
B. Scan(s) - All scans, even if not used 
C. Inside Scan, if it fits: (1. Emergency Slot Envelope (even if empty), 2. Orange Chain of Custody, 3. blue Reconciliation Log form)
D. Black e-PollBook case with all e-PollBooks, black extension cord, MiFi, cables, and charging blocks inside. 
E. MP-70, if provided 
F. Ballot Box in Carry Bag
G. Unused Ballot Paper 
H. Judge Supply Box 
I. Completed Election Day Envelopes: (1. RID (Purple Label), 2. To EA (White Label), 3. To Voter Registrar (Green Label), 4. Provisional Envelope with seal signed by PJ and AJ (Yellow Label), 5. Spoiled Ballots - Tan Label)

A Deputized Elections Representative or Constable may pick up these items. The oath to give to the driver is on the white Election Day Travel Log Chain of Custody form. Both Judges and the driver sign the form. If the PJ wishes to take the items to drop off they may. 

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