Election Workers Supplies Pickup

Election Workers Drop-off Locations

Presiding Judge returns following items to Drop-off at NRG Arena (Everything you received at Supply Handout). Set these aside as you close down the location.

  • Ballot Bag
  • Scan
  • Black iPad case with all Pads, MiFi, and charging cables packed inside.
  • Completed Election Day Envelopes:
    • (1) Reasonable Impediment Declaration (RID) – purple label
    • (2) To Elections Administrator – white label
    • (4) To Voter Registrar – green label
    • (5) Provisional Envelope – yellow label
    • (6) Spoiled Ballot – tan label
  • Compensation Sheet
  • Judge Supply Box
  • Ballot Paper Box with Unused Ballot Paper
  • ADA material received at Supply Handout
  • PPE Kit
  • Yellow extension cord
  • Black luggage cart

Election Division Contact Us

Information is vital to accessing the voting process. For this reason, I encourage you to contact us if you have a question, need assistance or have a suggestion.